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Update from our President - Trevor Sowers

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

NCMBA Update - Winter 2020

I’m sending this out to give everyone an update on our progress and direction.

Where things are at: Although it may seem quiet from the outside our directors have been working behind the scenes to put the North Coast Mountain Bike Association on track for development of trails.

Director Updates

Sharon has put together our Facebook Page and our instagram account and has started working on our website but that’s on hold until we make decisions on website costs.

Danielle and Chucky have set up our bank account at Northern Savings Credit Union and deposited our money and we are now cash positive!!!

Craig and I have done quite a bit of Reconnaissance (Recci) walking on the ground to look for potential trail locations.

Rheannon has been researching avenues for funding and lining up a geologist to help us read the physical terrain.  Rheannon has also been running the Recci line work from Craig and I through the conflicts tool provided by RSTBC.

Other Updates

RSTBC has asked for our member count as this is an indication of local support for our Association and I gave him our member numbers for 2019.

I have been talking with Recreation Sites and Trails BC (RSTBC) about our ideas and they are providing feedback to help us get this rolling.  Metlakatla reached out to me for feedback on our Recci work as well.  RSTBC has already put the North Coast Mountain Bike Association in their budget application for 2020 so let’s cross our fingers that they get some cash flow for our start up!As soon as we have some more concrete information to pass along we will put together a general meeting and we will start collecting members for 2020 so we can continue to demonstrate community engagement!

Feel free to reach out with questions or if you thing you can be of service!

Stay Tuned!

Trevor Sowers


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