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Asphalt Pump Track 

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We are Fundraising for an Asphalt Pump

Track in Prince Rupert, BC!

What the Heck is a Pump Track, Anyway?!

An asphalt pump track is a continuous loop of "berms" and “rollers” on which you ride without pedalling. You can ride a pump track on bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and even wheelchairs.

From toddlers learning to balance to teenagers improving their skills to parents or seniors looking to get in a quick, free, fun and effective work-out


Pump Tracks are fun for both the riders and for the surrounding spectators!


Summary: We are engaged with the City of Prince Rupert and have secured a location to construct an asphalt pump track in 2024. These types of bike parks are growing in popularity across BC, and our neighbours in Terrace completed one in the summer of 2020. Since completion, it has received highly positive reviews and now provides a hub for riders of all ages and abilities to bike, scooter, skateboard, and more.


Community Benefit: NCMBA feels very strongly that Prince Rupert needs community spaces that encourage people to get outside and ride bikes and improve their skill levels progressively. A community pump track provides a space that can be accessed free of charge, is available 24/7, and caters to a wide variety of users, from beginner to expert. Pump tracks are family-friendly, inclusive, welcoming, and so much fun! With almost 50% of survey respondents supporting the development of an asphalt pump track and 50% of respondents having children who bike, we believe this pump track will see tremendous use by the community (Source: NCMBA 2020 Members survey).


Budget: Our estimated budget for the asphalt pump track is $324,000 CDN. To reach this goal, we will need to secure corporate sponsorship and grants, approach local businesses for monetary and in-kind donations, and organize a variety of fundraising efforts. We have secured approximately half the funding requirements and seek additional funds through various grant opportunities and fundraisers.


Timeline: Our fundraising efforts have begun! We have a pump track site location secured with the City of Prince Rupert, and construction should begin in 2024. We have secured a license to occupy as of September 2022. We are continuing to fundraise to move the project forward. 

Interested in being a donor?

corporation wanting to fund us?

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