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join NCMBA - now with Hivepass!

We are now using Hivepass for membership!

The only way to become a member of NCMBA is now via Hivepass, and it’s super easy it will only take a couple of minutes to sign up using your smartphone. If you don't have a smartphone, you can sign up online on any device Join as a member (


Here’s how it works:

1: Download Hivepass for free here: Get Hivepass

2: Open the app and enter your name and email address, set a password and select ‘Create Account'. Once you've done this, select NCMBA in the organization list. 
NOTE: If you already belong to another organization that uses Hivepass, when you enter your email address, Hivepass will recognize you and you just need to log in and then select ‘join other organizations’ from the side menu. 

3: Select your membership package. (If you’re signing up the whole family, have their details ready).

4: Enter your personal details and membership type. You can add a donation at this stage too if you like🤘

5: Pay securely using a credit or debit card

6: Just like that, you’re a member of NCMBA and you can start enjoying all of the benefits that brings and showing you support trail development on the North Coast. 

7: If you’re riding in an area that requires a permit, simply show the digital membership card screen to show that you’re an active club member.  

To learn more about what we are currently working on, please visit our Trail page or view our Annual Report

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