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Why join NCMBA?

Prince Rupert has ZERO "Sanctioned" trails built for the sole purpose of mountain biking.


Compare this to almost every other big and small community in British Columbia. The need for trail development is obvious, but it cannot be done without your support. 

Community Benefit: A trail network in this area would provide a near-to-town option for exercising and enjoying the outdoors. We would first ensure Green/Blue trail designations so riders of all ages and abilities would benefit. The tourism potential of year-round mountain biking also cannot be overlooked, and it has the potential to expand greatly.


We believe a mountain biking trail network will grow into one of Prince Rupert’s most well-used recreational gems.

What's in it for you? Your 2024 NCMBA Membership is valid for the calendar year, and funds are used to cover insurance, administration costs, tools, and supplies, grow our memberships, and build out more support for biking on the North Coast.

...Plus, how rad is it to say you're part of a grassroots association actively striving to make this place even more awesome?!

To learn more about what we are currently working on, please visit our Trail page or view our 2023 Annual Report

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