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Asphalt Pump Track Update

We are pleased to announce that the Prince Rupert City Council has approved the design and location of the asphalt pump track!

On November 22, 2021 our Pump Track design and location went before Prince Rupert's City Council Meeting and was fully approved.

"Prince Rupert mountain bikers are a lap closer to a new pump track after the city council approved a location at McClymont Park for construction and instructed administration staff to start the process for a Licence of Occupation, on Nov. 22.

“The North Coast Mountain Bike Association (NCMBA) is actively seeking grants from providers to install the track. However, the providers need assurance that the NCMBA has a place to construct if funding is approved,” Richard Pucci, director of operations and intergovernmental relations for the city, stated in a report to council.

There is minimal impact on the annual budget or strategic priorities, Pucci stated. “The successful implementation of this new feature increases the community’s quality of life and livability,” he said."*

Read the full article, in the Northern View:


We will be focusing our efforts in 2022 on the fundraising, grant application, development and hopeful completion of this project!

We will provide more updates in the new year on design by Velo Solutions & our fundraiser drive.

Board of Directors, NCMBA

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